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Double edged blade. Turned Ash grip with Shesham pommel & guard.


Roman Imperial Scutum / Shield. Brass Boss - Wood covered with canvas


Roman Pompeii Gladius.

  • Overall Length : 29.60 Inch Approx


Roman Imperial Scutum/Shield Wood covered with canvas and painted. Hei


Roman Republican Shield Wood covered with canvas and painted. Height -

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Replicas of the Helmet of Leonidas - from the Movie 300. Adult size wi


Lorica Segmentata Corbridge B. Mild Steel. POSTAGE TO BE QUOTE


LEDA AND THE SWAN - A Medium size oil lamp from the Parthenon Collecti


The Helmet of Maximus. Gladiator Movie. Made of 18 gauge Steel fitted


Hand made Leather Sandals with Hobnails - available in sizes -10. <

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Ancient Athens style - Small Stone tan Oil Lamp from the Roman period.