Greek Corinthian Spartan Helmet


THIS IS A BEAUTIFULLY PRESENTED GREEK CORINTHIAN “SPARTAN” HELMET REPLICA. IT IS THE MOST ACCURATE EXAMPLE WE HAVE EVER OFFERED. Circa 550BC. Hand made from 18 Gauge Sheet Phosphor Bronze – an alloy of copper with 0.5 – 11% of tin and 0.01 – 0.35% phosphorus. THIS HELMET IS REDUCED DUE TO SOME MINOR IMPERFECTIONS (DENTS) ON THE HELMET ITSELF. MORE PHOTO’S ARE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST. Fitted with our hand made Horse hair Crest. The Teeth in the design are Brass. The Helmet is Adult size and Supplied with padded Arming Cap. POSTAGE TO BE QUOTED. PRICE IN AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS $$

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