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We are happy to share the news that the St Ives Medieval Faire will be returning in 2019! The event will be held over two days on Saturday 21 September and Sunday 22 September.

Excitement and adventure await all loyal subjects at the fifth annual St Ives Medieval Faire, where the St Ives Showground will be hay-strewn and hand-forged into an accurate recreation of daily life in Medieval Europe. Over 350 re-enactors will travel from across our nation to offer you a time-travelling experience for (and of) the ages!

Escape from the city and enter a peaceful forested grove of towering trees. This, is your Kingdom. Ignite your senses with the sounds of splintering lances, clashing steel, screeching hawks, the clang of the blacksmith’s hammer, thundering drums and raucous cheers!

Let your heart race as you watch stately knights in full armour engage in action-packed jousts on horseback, fear the terrifying Vikings as they storm the field in large-scale armoured battles, duck and dive as giant falcons swoop down on their prey, admire the precision of deadly archers as they hit their targets, behold the power of a magnificent giant wooden catapult, and taste the gourmet food, ales and meads that once delighted the palates of European kings and queens.